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So you want to know your man’s salary?

A) How to Know Your Man’s Salary…Exactly

As you know, that can be difficult to find out directly, unless he (or someone) tells you, or you happen to overhear or see it somewhere.

Of course, you can do a quick check on our website (not available yet*) by doing a “Financial” search to see if it happens to be there:

  • Just search for his name and then click on the “Financial” search in the Top Ten Search Categories.

* Note: KnowYourMan is in private beta test mode right now, but if you’d like to be one of the first people to be invited to check it out as soon as it’s publicly available, just sign-up here: KnowYourMan-Invitation.

But if you just want to get a general idea of what his salary is, then here’s what you can do:

B) How to Know Your Man’s Salary…Approximately



Step-by-step directions with screenshots…

First, you’ll need to know your man’s occupation.

There are several ways you can know his occupation:

  • He (or a friend) may have mentioned it to you
  • Checking his profile on your dating website (where his occupation may have even been verified – yea!)
  • Searching your man on and then checking out the “Employment” and/or “Occupation” search results

Once you know his occupation, knowing his salary is easy:

Just go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook online and search for his occupation.

1) Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website

2) Search for his occupation in the search box on the top-right of the page, e.g., “accountant” (without the quotes)


Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Handook - accountant


3) Click on the search result for “Accountants and Auditors” which leads to a description of these occupations, including salaries.


Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) handbook - Search results for "accountant" search


4) Then scroll way down to the “Earnings” section and see:

  • Median annual wages (half above, half below)
  • Middle half earnings
  • Bottom 10% earnings
  • Top 10%

Accounting Earnings from Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS) handbook


 Additional Info from the Accountants and Auditors page:

Also you can see other info mentioned like salaries for advanced degrees and benefits (see above).

Not only that, but while you’re on this web page you can learn some more things about his occupation, which will you make conversation with him.

What about the “Accountants” search result in #3) above ?

If you had clicked on “Accountant” in the BLS web search results, then you get a different web page:


On this page, just look for the “How much does this job pay?” section and you’ll find:

“In May 2008, the average yearly wages of accountants and auditors were $65,840. Earnings of accountants depend on how long they have been working.”

So just keep in mind that you may need to check out more than one search result on the Bureau of Labor Standards handbook website to find the information you’re looking for.

Also be aware that these different pages could be written and displayed completely differently, so you may need to scroll down the pages to find the info you’re seeking.


What other Occupations can you find Salaries for?

Everything from Able Seamen to Zookeepers!

Image of Alphabetical Listing of occupations at Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS) website


Link to Alphabetical Listing of Occupations on Bureau of Labor Standards Occupational Outlook Handbook website.

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