In a time of “Likes” you may wonder what “Love” has to do with it (Social Media).

Recently Beverly Macy interviewed me about Social Media and Know Your Man on Social Media Radio (#SMRadio) on Blog Talk Radio.
Beverly Macy and Karl Kasca - Social-Media-Radio interview - SMRadio - Tavis Smiley Network - Blog Talk Radio
You can listen to, or download, the audio podcast of our 20-minute talk here: Love is Blind – But It Doesn’t Have to Be – KnowYourMan.

Beverly and I chatted about many topics including:

The Story of Know Your Man – [05:09]

Social Searching – [07:48]

How to Stay Top-of-Mind in Social Media Using Valuable Tweets and @Mentions – [08:08]

Where to Find Rich Men in Social Media vs. Meeting In-Real-Life – [09:37]

The Simple Steps of How to Write and Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – [14:07]

How to Set the Price for Your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Ebook – [16:02]

The Greatest Way You can Sell Your Book on Amazon – [18:08]

How to Market Your Book Using Social Media – [18:26]

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast you can see the full transcript below:

Interview Transcript of ‘Love is Blind – But It Doesn’t Have to Be – KnowYourMan’



This is social media radio with Beverly Macy on the Tavis Smiley Network on Blog Talk Radio.

Beverly’s an educator, author, speaker, and acclaimed thought leader in marketing strategy and the power of social media.

Consultant to Fortune 500 companies on social business, Ms. Macy follows and monitors the trends that define where business meets the power of social media.

The real time social business transformation’s here to stay and there’s no return on investment in playing catch up.

Here’s Beverly Macy.


Welcome to social media radio this is the program where we discuss how social media is changing the way we communicate in sports, entertainment, business, music, government, education.

The hottest business topic today is how to harness the power of social media.

On this program we talk about all the big social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the new platforms that are popping up literally every day.

I eat breath and sleep social. I teach social media marketing at the UCLA Extension.

I blog about social for the Huffington Post and I co-wrote the book for social media with Terry Thompson.

Each show i hand-pick a top social media expert to share with you just how it’s done.

Today I am so pleased to welcome my good friend and colleague Karl Kasca to the program.

Karl is the co-founder of a brand new site called which is all about searching out the people that you’re thinking about dating in the online dating world and he’s going to tell us more about that.

He also created and services Social Mastermind group.

His background is in information research, market, product, and industry trends.

He speaks on The Power of Social Media, The Importance of Ethics in Social Media Marketing and he is my co-instructor at UCLA Extension, and recently he is the author a brand-new ebook called Where to Find Rich Men, a Short Step-by-Step Guide on Where to Find Rich Guys.

I am so pleased to welcome to the program Karl Kasca. Welcome Karl.


Hi Beverly and thanks for having me. I’m really excited about being here today.


Well you’re just somebody that I couldn’t wait to have on the program, Karl.

I just love talking with you you’re one of the smartest guys I know and you do such interesting work. Well you do such interesting work out there.

So I don’t want to waste any time at all I want to dive right in.

You have a deep background in researching competitive intelligence.

Talk a little bit about your amazing journey where you started, how you started Know Your Man and now your new ebook and how you’ve used social media throughout this process.


Okay well, I’ve always had a deep love and being-ness of being a seeker of information and knowledge and so my whole life I’ve been looking for ways to get more information and things like that.  Ever since I looked at my grandfather’s bookshelf I was all-in.

And when the internet hit that was all-in to the max.

So basically I got a teaching credential and taught for a year, found out I wasn’t going to save the world.

Went to work for a large oil company, Unocal, and was…and worked in their marketing department for awhile and then went over to their Internal Auditing department for many years.

Learned how to use databases. So everybody’s talking about Big Data these days. So let me tell you there was a lot of Big Data way before and no-one knew it was there.

And so from there I also learned about public record databases and especially when we were doing fraud examinations and things like that.

So learned to really learn or think creatively out of the box to find new techniques and ways to find information within company records.

Well fast-forward to them downsizing our entire part of the company to where I formed my own information research company.

And so of course then I had the public record databases from before but also this wealth of knowledge in this new thing called the Internet.

So this was a whole new ball of wax and so learned how to search the internet with advanced search strategies using lots of different methods and techniques to where I came up with the speech on “How to Know Anything At Any Time” which sort of evolved into “How to Know Anything About Anyone At Any Time” which I delivered in Grand Cayman at an Anti-Fraud anti…well it was for Compliance that they had to do down there to find out about potential people who would invest in the Caymans.

[The Story of Know Your Man]

So anyway that led to us developing, which is a website to help women find information about men they’re considering dating.

And so the way this evolved was I was talking to an old family friend and asked her how her daughter was doing she said, “Oh great, but she got divorced” and I said, “Why?” and she said, “Oh the guy basically had been divorced and married before and she never knew about it plus he been bankrupted before and she never knew about it” and we thought that there ought to be a better way for women to find information to make smart and safe dating decisions with.

So what I did was use all of my information research knowledge that came up through understanding how competitive intelligence on the internet works and everything else like that to come up with advanced search strategies that were very sophisticated that we could program into Know Your Man to where women could go in, put a guy’s name in, navigate around and find a lot of information about him.

So it kind of started with my knowledge of the internet and then also…and my wanting to just seek out information.

To now with social and social media and new media marketing at UCLA Extension the ability to actually share out that information to the world and help people in their daily lives which is really what our objective is.


Well that is such a great journey and you’ve given us so much good information.

The title of our program today is “Love is blind but it doesn’t have to be” and that is a play on your company Know Your Man.

This idea that with all this power at our fingertips smart guys like you and your partner have figured out how to you know help in the very lucrative and all always growing online dating world.

So that’s fantastic and I wanted to kind of focus in a little bit, Karl, on social media because that’s really the main topic of our program but really we talk about all kinds of digital media and interesting people and things that are going on.

But can you give a couple examples of how you’ve used social media to keep your brand top-of-mind with your customers or potential customers.

I know you a lot of Search engine marketing and search engine optimization obviously in your in your work as well so if you want to talk a little bit about that as well that’d be fine.


[Social Searching]

Okay sure and actually, just to link in the last segment, I…what I came up with with some of these searches, knowing a lot about searches and knowing a lot about social, was a thing I called “social search” and that’s sort of the backbone of Know Your Man and that’s why it is relevant to social media.

[How to Stay Top of Mind in Social Media using Valuable Tweets and @Mentions]

But what we use is of course what everyone else does as far as Twitter and Facebook.

But I think you know maybe we have a couple twists that your audience might find helpful.

And that is, when we do a twitter tweet we try to put out a valuable tweet.

But also what we’ll do is this we’ll call out or mention the author of whatever article or blog post that we’re tweeting about.

So that way it enters them into the loop and that way they have the ability to retweet what we’ve tweeted and with the use of effective hashtags where we can classify or categorize whatever the subject is of the tweet that we’re tweeting about then people can find that tweet later and find out more about whatever our company is doing as well as whatever that blog post itself was doing.
So that’s that’s one thing that we do and the other thing that that we’re doing is that we are actively eliciting people to post up on our blog for Know Your Man and also we have people volunteering to post.

And so that’s been good because also you get a bit of a social lift there because of course those people who’re going to do a guest post want to tell all of their people about the post that they did and then that has another bit of extension that goes out into the web as well.

[Where To Find Rich Men in Social Media vs. Meeting In-Real-Life]

And then the third thing I guess that we’re doing is we wrote this eBook about Where to Find Rich Men and although that sounds not like what it would be for this program there’s actually social in there.

Because when you think about it even though I can tell a woman exactly where to go to find a database to find a rich man in and find out where he lives and what his phone number is, you know we don’t want to be stalkers and we don’t encourage people to be stalkers.

So what I tell people in the book and also in real life is, in social media marketing teaching or lecturing, is that you need to perhaps find one person, find out more about them.

And in fact one good way to do that is in Know Your Man and it does work for men’s and women’s names both.

But once you’ve done that you could also find out say in LinkedIn and see what groups they participate in on LinkedIn and listen in on those groups to see what’s being said.

And also some those groups actually meet in real life and have meet-ups that you could potentially attend to find men or people who’re like that man.

So in other words you’re not stalking, or seeking aggressively, one particular person but people like them who might be in that same wealth sector.


Well great information and thank you for sharing about your book.

I want to go back to a couple things you said at the very beginning when you were answering this particular question, Karl, and that is the anatomy of a good tweet.

I know in our class that we co-teach together at UCLA Extension, and we have a semester starting at the end of September, so we’ll be on our way again in that class.

But we talk about this and you talk about this a lot and give some great examples and so I really want our listeners to tune into that and maybe to replay this because you mentioned a couple of really critical things about mentioning authors of articles, using hashtags effectively.

You know Twitter is becoming such a kind of a it really runs through a lot of businesses and a lot of our lives and people are in and out of Twitter a lot during the day in terms of business in branding and marketing messaging and all that type of thing.

But not everybody knows how to use it effectively and I think you do a really great job of really kind of dissecting that, so again I want listeners to really think about effective use of Twitter which is what I think your point was, Karl.

And then also the idea that you know this broader thing that you’re speaking about, the strategy of looking for the target audience that you want to reach.

Now in this case your book is about men looking, or women looking for particular men, but most businesses are looking for that target and you gave some great examples of how to find a target: Get on LinkedIn, find a group that the industry or the people are part of, and then go where they go, and search out what they search out.

So I just want our listeners to really hear those are some really concrete good business tips that Karl has has just shared with us about real-life and how to use social media.

Karl, maybe you can continue in that theme a little bit and you know just talk about I know you’ve got a few other things that you might be doing in terms of tips that you might want to give people related to search, related to research, you’ve got some good ideas there.

Or if you’d rather talk more about your new current eBook and maybe the process of creating an eBook and what that was about for you.

So I’ll just open the floor to you to talk about whatever you’d like to talk about.


Okay well thanks Beverly and that’s great and thanks for the synopsis there because I think as you notably summarized that yes there’s great value that we can provide through social through both using effective tweets and listening really well throughout social media and then try to leverage that to your company’s benefit.

[The Simple Steps of How to Write and Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)]

So let’s see, basically on the book, this is something that totally amazed me.

You can go to got Amazon Kindle KDP, which is Kindle Direct Publishing, and it gives you all the tips on exactly how to do an eBook and it just blew me away how simple it was, other than you just have to sit down to write it.

And you think, “Oh, well how hard is that?” Okay it’s not hard at all.

All you do is open Microsoft Word and they give you the tips right on the KDP publishing site of exactly how to write in Word so that it will best to be converted to HTML, which is the language of the web, and then that can then be converted into Kindle’s own native format.

So its basically just that you open a blank Word document, you put in your title, you thank your spouse for all their good years of wonderfulness, and whoever else, like my business partner, Rick Henkin, and then you just write your book.

It even tells you how to make great index points so that then your book will automatically be indexed, so if you click on the very top of one subject it will go directly to that point in the book.

And then you can also download an Amazon Kindle previewer for free and see how your book would look in different formats.

And then all you do is you save it in the particular way that they mention on the site, which is basically filtered HTML, and then once you do that you go into Kindle, answer a few questions and then say “Publish” and it is just…it’s there…that’s it, you’re published!


[How to Set the Price for Your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Ebook]

Now did you set your own price on that book, Karl, or is how how did you determine that. Because I think there are some different options correct in the Kindle platform.


There are some different options. Yes absolutely for the different platforms, also for different parts of the world. So good point on that.

We just picked $2.99. We thought, “Hey, we want a lot of people to be able to find and see this information.” And it’s a very short book, it’s only forty pages.

And a lot of it are literally step-by-step kinds of things and also screenshots.

And so the way we set it, is so that it would basically be able to get the maximum amount of revenues coming back from Kindle which is seventy percent in the most regions of the world possible.

And we also allowed it to be seen and have free previews so people can take a look and see if they’re interested in it.

And then people who subscribe to Amazon can also, I think, download the book for free.

So its got a lot of advantages there plus they allow you to promote it if you choose that option.

Now the only downside to that is you can’t then go and sell it directly from your own website or from one of Amazon’s competitors’ web sites, but other than that there’s a lot of advantages to doing it that way.


Well you have just given some of the best information for our audience I think that we’ve had on the show so far and that is literally step-by-step how easy it is to do an eBook.

And I think that you know you mentioned that you can’t put it on other platforms other than Amazon, but let’s face it, Jeff Bezos just bought The Washington Post.

Amazon plans to be the only platform, it seems like. But I think that’s fantastic and so, Karl, if you can believe it our time is going to be running out shortly.

But here’s what I’d love to ask you and then we’ll wrap up.

[The Greatest Way You can Sell Your Book on Amazon]

So now that your book is published and its out there, first of all I want you to tell people how to find it, number one.

And number two, I hope people will go out and leave reviews for Karl on Amazon because the review process is one of the greatest ways you can sell your books through Amazon. People love to read reviews.

[How to Market Your Book Using Social Media]

And number three, Karl, how will you be using social media to market your book.


Okay well a lot of questions there but basically you can just go to Google and put in quotations: “where to find rich men”, close quotation, and then just put “Amazon” after that and you will find my book.

And again, the reason why it’s “Where to Find Rich Men” and not “Where to Find A Rich Man” is that I’m telling you how to find a type of person who might be the right person for you to form a relationship with. So that’s why the title’s that way.

And as far as the marketing of it, well you know we’re going to go out to social, and basically tweet about it.

I’m also going to blog about it. Unfortunately I was just away on an Alaskan cruise, so just got back after publishing it.

So now I’m going to go out and do the blog post on it, of course tweet about it after that.

Put it out on Google+, put it out on LinkedIn, and just, as well I will do an email marketing campaign to the email marketing list that I have and that I’ve acquired throughout the years, and also to tell all my friends and family and everyone I’ve ever known in life. So word-of-mouth as well.


Well, so there you go, for the audience. That’s exactly how it’s done. You get your product and you get it out online and then you let everybody that you know, know about it, and you ask them to tell others: It’s a friend tells a friend and that friend tells another friend.

So I will tweet it, Karl, for you. I will go out and I will download your book as soon as the show is over, and I will leave a review.

And I really encourage other folks that are on that are listening to this show to do the same.

And I just want to thank you again, Karl, for all the great information. It’s been a pleasure to know you and to work with you all these years.

I really appreciate all the very concrete information that you’ve given our listeners.

So that’s Social Media Radio for today.  Join me next time when I welcome another special guest from across the social media landscape to discuss the latest trends, breaking news, and best practices that they’re seeing in their field.

You can go out to Google and just google Karl Kasca (K-A-S-C-A) and get all of his great information and tweet him and talk to him.
Until next time everyone, stay social.


You can find Beverly on Twitter @BeverlyMacy or send an email to BeverlyMacy at Gmail.

Well, that’s it, that’s the full transcript of my interview and I hope you like it and got some value out of it.

Huge “Thanks!” to Beverly Macy of Social Media Radio podcast, Tavis Smiley Network, and Blog Talk Radio!

Have any questions or comments? If so, please feel free to contact me at Karl at KnowYourMan dot com or leave your comment below.

Wishing you best success with social media, finding a rich man you like, and/or the right man for you, or publishing your first eBook,


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