One of the first things you want to know about your man is if he’s married or in another relationship or not.

Of course off-line you could just ask him (yikes!), or check for a white stripe on his ring finger…if you actually met with him in person.

Here are some simple steps you can take to find out online before you meet him or call him:

Here’s a video showing how to do this, or you can see the step-by-step directions with screenshots below…

Video of How-To Know Your Man’s Relationship or Marital Status



Step #1) Search

First search his name in KnowYourMan, e.g., John Johnson.

Then scroll down the search results and see if your John Johnson is married…or not.

Tip: Look for keywords like: “married” or “husband” or “relationship” or “fiance” or “girlfriend”.

– To make it easy, you can use <Ctrl> + F  on your keyboard
to look for these words in the search results (see below).


KnowYourMan Google+ search results


Step #2) Search the KnowYourMan Marital Status

If you didn’t find your answer in the KnowYourMan’s search results, or
if you want more information (or to confirm the info), then:

– After you’ve done the first search in KnowYourMan, you can click on
“Marital Status” and run that search.


KnowYourMan Yahoo Marital search results


Example A) In the 2nd search result (above) you see that “Re: John Johnson”‘s Marital Status is “Single”.

Example B) In the last search result (above) you find that John Johnson’s (who’s a volunteer Firefighter) Relationship Status is “Married”.


Step #3) Search PeopleFinders in the KnowYourMan Search Results

Look for a PeopleFinders link on the search results page and click it:

     – Note: This is an affiliate link.


Step #4) Review the results on PeopleFinders

Then review the results on PeopleFinders:

PeopleFinders results from KnowYourMan search results for John Johnson

 – Note: This is an affiliate link.



Example 1) See #3 (above): John Johnson in Shreveport, LA and his “Wife” Ernestine.

– Note: “Spouse” can also show in the results instead of “Wife”.

Example 2) See #7 (above), John Johnson in Tallahassee, FL who has a “Possible Relationship” with Julia Johnson.


Step #5) Search for John Johnson in Tallahassee, FL

In Example 2) above we found that John Johnson in Tallahassee, FL has a “Possible Relationship” with Julia Johnson.

To find our more about this, you can go to:
(note the “-“ hyphen between “People” and “Finders” and the “.ws” at the end, instead of  “.com”). link search results for John Johnson

Example: See #6: John L Johnson (Age 48) who has a “Possible Relative” Julia L Johnson (Age 42).

It appears that Julia could be John’s wife or sister by her age (42) which is close to his (48).

In either case, “Who’s Julia?” could be a conversation starter if you’re thinking if dating John.

Last word

Hopefully these steps will help you see if your man is married or not.

Also, I’ll show another possible way to see if he’s married or not in my next blog post: “How to Know the wealth of your man or How to Find a rich man.”


Do you have another online way of  finding out your man’s marriage or relationship status before meeting him?  If so, let us know…


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